For our show tomorrow night at Motorco, here’s what’s going to happen:

Set 1: Voices Carry: 9pm.
We will play the songs in the order people sign up for them. Just tear off the slip of paper to the right, sign your name, and put it in the Song Bucket on stage.
















Set 2: U3:  9:45pm

We’re playing all U2 songs in this order, due to the different guitar tunings required (which will save you waiting for us to switch guitars and tune before every song). So, if you see a U2 song you like, just tear off the paper next to your song, write your name down, and put it in the Song Bucket on stage. U3 setlist









Set 3: Voices Carry: 11:30pm.

Voices Carry will “Release” 15 more songs during the 2nd set, so that everyone gets a chance to sing, not just those who come early.

See you tomorrow night!

Any questions, post in comments.