600_192267492I joined Voices Carry in March of 2012. I’ve enjoyed making music my whole life, ever since my mom bought an antique, virtually untuneable piano when I was about 7 and I started plonking out Beatles songs on it. There are few things in life that jazz me more than playing live music with good musicians and interacting with an audience, and the whole “bandaoke” thing has been awesome at providing me an opportunity to do both!

I’ve played in all kinds of bands. Hell, I’ll even date myself and admit that I played a lot of the Voices Carry set list when that stuff was all over the radio and MTV! It’s tough trying to gain a following when you’re in a band. As Francis said when I first met him, your friends will come to your first two gigs, and that’s about it.

But Voices Carry is different — one of the things I love is when I meet someone and tell them what the band is doing — usually their eyes light up and they exclaim something like “that sounds like so much fun! When are you playing next?” Believe me, there’s no better reaction to get if you’re a musician.

Live band karaoke is a blast for both the audience and the band. And there’s something about 80s music that really lends itself to the karaoke vibe — I think it’s a combination of great pop songwriting and a sense of theatricality, and it doesn’t take itself too seriously. Getting up on a stage to belt out Eye Of The Tiger or Don’t Stop Believing with a kick-ass band just never gets old! It can also be a challenge for the band — we’ve abandoned a strict set list order, and you never know what’s going to happen on stage. We have to communicate with each other and be ready to take a left turn if our singer decides to wing it.

So come on out and sing with us! Just like real rock n’ roll, attitude is WAY more important that talent. Hope to see you at a show soon!