Previous Shows:

Sat, Dec. 10th, 2011- The Broad St. Cafe, Durham, NC
Fri, Jan. 13th – The Pinhook, Durham, NC
Thurs, Jan. 24th – Local 506, Chapel Hil, NC
Sat, April 14th – Fullsteam Brewery, Durham, NC
Wed, April 25th – Durham School of the Arts, (Private Show)
Thur, May 10th The Casbah, Durham.
Fri, June 8th, Motorco Garage, Durham (Afterparty for The Cribs)
Fri, June15th, He’s Not Here, Chapel Hill
Sat., Aug 11th, 9pm Motorco Garage, Durham
Sat., Aug 18th, 10:30pm He’s Not Here, Chapel Hill
Sat. Sept 7th at Rally Point in Cary, “Bands4Hope “Charity Benefit, 9pm, Cary
Friday., Oct. 26th, 9pm Motorco Garage, Durham
Sunday., Nov. 4th, 9pm The Casbah, Durham (private party)
Friday., Nov 16th, 10:30pm He’s Not Here, Chapel Hill
Fri., Feb 8th, 9pm The Tavern, Durham.
Sat., March 16, 9pm Motorco Main Stage, Durham
(This was a special Irish St. Paddy’s Eve U2 Bandaoke Spectacular)
Sat., March 23rd, 10pm, Private Function at UNC Chapel Hill, Chapel Hill.
Sat.,  April 13,  9pm The Tavern, Durham.
Sat, May 11, Private Show in Chapel Hill.
Tues, May 21st, 7pm, Private Function for Raleigh International Special Events Society, Raleigh
Sat, June 22, Private Show, Raleigh.
Fri., July 5th, 9pm Motorco Garage, Durham
Sat. Sept 7th, 3:30-6:30pm He’s Not Here, Chapel Hill.(Yes – that’s right – an afternoon show!)
Sat. Sept 28th, 4-5:30pm Bull City Brewery and Burgers Oktoberfest Street Fair, Durham, NC.
Friday, October 11th, 9pm,  The Bar, Durham, NC. (Durham’s newest LGBTQ spot!)
Friday, November 9th, Private Party in Durham
Friday, November 15th, 9pm,  The Bar, Durham
Saturday, December 14th, 8:30pm @ The Tavern, Durham
Fri, Jan. 3rd – The Pinhook, Durham, NC
Fri, Jan. 17th Restaurant Week Kickoff Show at Durham Museum of Life and Science Durham, NC
Friday., March 7th, 9pm Motorco Main Stage, Durham
Tuesday., March 18th,  Washington Duke Inn, Durham, Private Show
Thursday, May 8th, 9pm Coglins, Raleigh ($5 cover)
Friday, May 23, 9pm Motorco Main Stage, Durham ($5 cover)
Saturday, June 14th, La Residence, Chapel Hill, NC, 8pm.
Friday, August 8th, 9pm,  The Bar, Durham, NC. $3 cover
Fri., October 3rd, 9pm The Tavern, Durham.
Fri, October 17th, – Overtime Sports Pub, Raleigh, NC, 9pm
Fri., Nov. 14th, 9pm The Tavern, Durham.
Thursday., Nov. 20th, 8pm, Pinehurst Resort, Private Show
Fri., Dec. 12th, 9pm The Tavern, Durham.
Fri., Jan.9th, 9pm The Tavern, Durham, 9pm
Fri, Feb 6th, – Overtime Sports Pub, Raleigh, NC, 9pm
Fri., Feb. 13th, 9pm The Tavern, Durham, 9pm
Fri., March 13,   The Tavern, Durham 9pm
Fri., April 10,  The Tavern, Durham 9pm
Fri, June 5th, – Overtime Sports Pub, Raleigh, NC, 9pm
Sun, June 7th, Private Outdoor Show, Durham NC, 3pm
Fri., June 12,  The Tavern, Durham 9pm
Sun, June 17th, Private Show, Durham NC, 5pm
Sat., July 11th, He’s Not Here, Chapel Hill, 9pm
Thursday, Aug 18th, Private Show, Raleigh NC, 5pm
Saturday, Aug 20th, Private Show, Charlotte NC, 5pm