Remember Journey? Of course you do – you’re on a 80’s-loving site. There was Steve Perry, whose searing powerful vocals made us sing “Don’t Stop Believin” in the shower for years. When he quit, everyone thought Journey was over.

That was not the case. They found someone (with the help of YouTube, of course) to be their new lead singer, who looked 180˚ opposite the long-haired, tight-panted rock star. And he is absolutely incredible. Ariel Pineda is helping Journey play to packed houses night after night. It’s kind of like extended live real band karaoke, when you think about it.

It just goes to show you that a new lead singer can make a band even better than the original. We know – we get a new one every 5 minutes or so. And it’s FUN!

Watch Ariel’s story – you’ll get a good cry out of it. Love the story about him getting hassled by the TSA too.