Be the lead singer of an 80s band. Except this time, you’re not dreaming. You pick the song, we give you the lyrics and the stage is yours for 3 minutes. Bang your head like Billy Idol. Strut around that stage like Pat Benatar. Grab that microphone stand like you mean it, flanked by a real guitarist, keyboardist, bass player and drummer, who are there to make you look good (not to mention they look like they just stepped out of a Def Leppard music video). It’s Real Band Karaoke – a rock and roll experience you’ll never forget!

“Voices Carry” is based out of Durham, NC.
Available for Corporate events, weddings, bar mitzvah and baptisms. Hit us up on our <a href=”″ title=”Contact”>contact page</a>.
We have our own sound system, and put on a show you won’t believe – just check out our videos:

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What if no one signs up to sing?
A: “Voices Carry” has a 2 guitarists and a bassist who can sing every song.

Q: Is is hard to sing up on stage?
A: Not any harder than following along on a TV monitor. We print the lyrics EXTRA LARGE so you can see them.

Q: Why do you guys dress up like 80’s rock stars?
A: Isn’t that the fun of it? Besides, we like wearing tight, furry cheetah pants.

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